Ali Hassan

Ali Hassan is a Qatari artist who uses Arabic letters and scripture to create great paintings. His work focuses on colorful shapes and figures. He has recently focused on using the Arabic letter ‘noon’ in his paintings.


It seems that the Arabic artist Ali Hassan has realized the artistic language in the in the essence of the Arabic letter as a beautiful unity or as a separated visions able to make an Arabic modern painting passes with its flavor and sensitivity the west conception about the Arabic paintings although it connects with it technically or through the frame of the work.

On the other hand, Ali Hassan’s work has a kind of controversy about the color techniques in his eastern or western art making from all of these elements a way to present not only the visual event but also the general view to make the language of art the most important aspect in his work and art speech.

Dr. Mazin Asfour
, Jordanian university

Ali Hassan has been known to use the extend form of the letter in every direction.

In many times he used to avoid the traditional systems in building the shapes of the letters and mixing the opposite white letters with negative black letters, so the word and its parts passes through certain patterns of presence and absence which delete its literary meaning and transfers it into illusionist visual reading according to what we call as conscious equality between shape and form in visual tricks.

In this wavy touch that tickles the eye in an artificial way we get open to Ali Hassan’s opening towards the experience of the modern labs.

Asaad Oraby
, Al-hayat

Ali Hassan’s Work:

Ali Hassan’s Website:

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1 Response to Ali Hassan

  1. Hi Ali, i am looking forward to meeting you and seeing your beautiful art at the Anima Gallery
    opening in Qatar on Saturday, March 24th. I will see you at your press conference. I am the
    American artist.
    Julienne Johnson

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