Great Online Resources for Middle Eastern Art

As we are all aware, trying to find resources and information on Middle Eastern art is not an easy task. I have recently come across 2 excellent online resources on Middle Eastern art, and have been busy over the past few weeks reading practically every article on both sites. 

The first is the Ibraaz website:

As described on its website, “Ibraaz is the leading critical forum on visual culture in North Africa and the Middle East. Initiated by the  Kamel Lazaar Foundation, it was launched at the 54th Venice Biennale as an online publishing platform. Ibraaz now publishes edited readers in print and runs public programmes at institutions across the globe.”

I have known about and admired Ibraaz for a long time now, but never delved into their website properly. After a few weeks on the website, I went through all the past essays, reviews, and interviews, which was very resourceful! 

The second website belongs to a fantastic Middle Eastern art publication: Contemporary Practices, website: I have also known about the magazine for a long time now, and am a big fan of the publication, but I never realized how resourceful their online arm was. It contains all the essays from its previous editions, and is completely free, which is very admirable. 

Definitely check out both resources! They provide much needed information on contemporary Middle Eastern art. 



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