Art of the Mid East to feature ‘Beirut Art Guide’ in next edition of Harper’s Bazaar Art Arabia!

Exciting news!! Art of the Mid East will be featuring its first Art Guide (of Beirut) in the next edition of the fantastic bi-monthly Middle Eastern art publication Harper’s Bazaar Art Arabia!! 


Harper’s Bazaar Art Arabia has become one of my favorite publications! The magazine offers informative, critical, and in depth reviews, interviews, and articles on some of the most exciting aspects of the Middle Eastern art world. The magazine isn’t afraid to critique when things need to be criticized and I greatly admire them for this! We need more critiquing in the Middle Eastern art world, otherwise our standards are lowered each time there is a bad show, exhibition, book, etc. The level of writing in Harper’s is also of a very high standard, and it is one of the very few magazines I enjoy reading from front to back! Its focus on promoting Middle Eastern art also deserves our praise! It’s a must have for all those interested in Middle Eastern art. 

Check out more details to Harper’s here:

Follow Harper’s here:

Harper’s Bazaar Art Arabia can be found at your local bookstore. You can also sing up for the the magazine’s digital edition here at Zinio:

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