Mouna Sehnaoui’s ‘The Orient Within’ Exhibition at Beirut’s Aida Cherfan Gallery

Mouna Bassili Sehnaoui’s latest show, ‘The Orient Within,’ exhibited at Beirut’s Aida Cherfan Gallery, was a raging success! Most of the works sold on opening night, and Beirut’s art crowd was buzzing with excitement for the latest sample of Mouna’s works. With a mixture of paintings and watercolors, the Aida Cherfan Gallery turned into a wave of color and life. An interesting aspect to the show is that in addition to Mouna’s art works, there were also copies of old drawings made of different regions of Lebanon by travellers and artists that came to discover the Orient hundreds of years ago. Mouna compared those old renderings of parts of Lebanon by painting the current location, highlighting how some things in Lebanon have changed, and others have stayed exactly the same.




Some of my favorite works from the show






Cedar Grove:Image



Goodbye Beirut:Image





Ca Va Habibi (this was put next to an old picture of traditional Beiruti women from the 1800s, making for a funny comparison): Image


Memories of the Metn:




Together For Peace:Image


Too Many Dragons:Image


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