Contemporary Istanbul 2012

Contemporary Istanbul 2012, which took place from Nov. 22- 25 at The Istanbul Convention and Exhibition Center, saw the participation of over one hundred galleries. The fair took place on two floors, the upper floor hosting galleries from within Istanbul, and the lower level hosting galleries mainly from Eastern Europe.

The first booth I came across was Istanbul’s Galerist, one of Turkey’s most established galleries. The booth mainly had works by Turkish artists, in addition to 2 beautiful works by Youssef Nabil from his ‘You Never Left’ series:

Galerist Booth:

Youssef Nabil’s ‘You Never Left # XI and VII’:

Galerist also had an interesting diptych by Turkish artist Ayce Telgeren titled ‘Days We Spend Together.’ Acid Free Paper, Hand Cut, 202 cm x 150 cm:

Istanbul’s Dirimart Gallery had a large booth with works by well-known Turkish artist Ekrem Yalcindag:

Dirimart Booth:

Ekrem Yalcindag’s work:

Istanbul’s Galeri Zilberman had a beautiful work by Sukran Moral: 

Istanbul’s Cda-Projects had a some great works at their booth:

Firat Neziroglu, ‘Like A Virgin Like A Prayer,’ 2012, 91 x 95 cm, Woven Threads and Fishing Line:

Zeren Goktan, ‘Unexpected Movements,’ 2012, 8- x 80 cm, C-Print:

Istanbul’s Alan Galeri had some great works by some of Turkey’s star artists:

Alan Galeri Booth:

Komet, 45 x 55 cm, 2008, Oil on Canvas:

A work by Murat Pulat, one of Turkey’s most established artists. It is hard to appreciate his paintings through pictures. The beauty of Murat’s work can only be apparent in person. 

Close up of this work:

Istanbul’s Merkur Gallery had a work by Halim Al Karim:


Olcay Art Istanbul had a stand full of works by legendary Turkish artist Devrim Erbil:





Dirimart had a fantastic work by Bahadir Baruter titled ‘Your Family Is A Lie, Dear’:


Overall, Contemporary Istanbul had some excellent Turkish art on show. The fair featured most of the city’s established galleries, as well those that are younger, offering a wide array of works. It was very much a Turkish-art oriented fair, with a notable lack of international galleries in attendance. While many galleries had beautiful stands, some gallery booths were too overcrowded with artwork. It was an interesting fair on the whole, and one that is worthy of attending for those interested in the Turkish art market. 

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