AB Gallery Zurich Presents ‘Flowers and Divas’ by Fereydoun Ave from Until Nov. 16

Flowers and Divas

Fereydoun Ave

Zurich, September 2012. AB Gallery is proud to present FLOWERS AND DIVAS, the first solo exhibition at the Gallery by the noted Iranian artist Fereydoun Ave. The exhibition will present collages, silk screens and assemblages.

The works on paper -­‐ figurative and abstract simultaneously -­‐ are based on nature studies and randomly juxtaposed with rich surfaces, which appear empty but are not. Emotional, calligraphic and poetic, they are meditations on the stream of consciousness connections between bits and pieces of various works at various times.

The divas are based on the seven guardian angels of Persian mythology: a modern take. Analysing and combining human, animal and mystical elements of the creatures in white fiberglass composite and gold leaf.

Born in Tehran, Iran, in 1945, Fereydoun Ave continues to work between Tehran, Paris and an Island in Greece. He is one of the foremost proponents of the now-­‐emerging Iranian contemporary art movement. Ave has been a friend and assistant to Cy Twombly for the past 35 years. He founded the 13 Vanak Street art espace in Tehran in 1984, and continues to direct this and other Iranian contemporary art institutions throughout the world. His work has been exhibited in eminent institutions throughout the world including the Barbican Art Gallery London, the Casa Asia Barcelona, the Contemporary Art Museum Tehran, the Centre Georges Pompidou Paris, Cy Twombly Foundation New York and international art fairs. 

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