AB Gallery Luzern Presents ‘Dancing the Sharp Edge’ by Samira Hodaei from Oct. 28- Dec. 21

Dancing the Sharp Edge

Samira Hodaei

AB Gallery is proud to announce the first solo exhibition of the young Iranian Artist Samira Hodaei. The newest works of the series “Dancing the Sharp Edge” and “Sweet Motherland” will be showcased from October 28th to December 21st, 2012 at AB Gallery Lucerne.

With her paintings Dancing the Sharp Edge Samira Hodaei picks up the thread of her Stones and Mute Birds series that was created during an Artist-­‐in-­‐Residence stay in Switzerland. Dancing the Sharp Edge shows pictures of women in different postures, dancing, in twisted positions, equipped with knifes. Hodaei was inspired by paintings of the Qajar Dynasty, a Persian royal family that reigned from 1785 to 1925. In her pictures Hodaei takes over the ornamentation of the Qajar pictures and transfers the fine texture of the points on the canvas in one, especially by herself developed paint technique with glass colour. The tiny rises produce together with the substance of the material a tangible as well as three-­‐dimensional intensity that is experienced even more by the overlapping colours and layers. In the Qajar picture tradition rarely found are Hodaei’s figures of female dancers and moreover they are equipped with the men’s arms, knifes. The women mostly appear in pairs, in twos they join themselves in an imaginary same body and twist their members to an irregular entirety. So they dance on the knifepoint, on the sharp border and therefore permanently take the risk to miss it, to use the knife against themselves, to abuse it by mistake. Here the dancer stands for the women and the knife for the danger, a comforting danger that is present inside as well as outside. The knife cuts two kinds of things and the attempt to repulse the knife point manifests itself in a beautiful dance of hope.

Samira Hodaei (*1981) was born in Tehran/ Iran. After finishing her degree at AL ZAHRA University in Tehran Samira Hodaei assisted the internationally known artist Reza Derakshani for six years. In 2010 she was invited by the Oryx Foundation to stay as artist in residence in Switzerland. Her works were part of numerous group shows in Switzerland, Qatar, Australia, Turkey, Germany and have already been shown at various art fairs like Abu Dhabi Art or Art Dubai. Her work “Endless” was chosen for the Funsaka-­‐Osaka Biennale/Japan in autumn 2012. She lives and works in Tehran/Iran. 

(info and pictures provided by AB Gallery Luzern)

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