MOP CAP 2013 Shortlist announced by Dr. Anthony Downey, Chair of the 2013 Judging Panel

The MOP CAP 2013 Shortlist

1.         Claudia Parvaneh Djabar

2.         Shima Esfandiyari

3.         Negar Farajiani

4.         Arash Fayez

5.         Azin Feizabadi

6.         Farhad Fozouni

7.         Arash Hanaei

8.         Farzaneh Hosseini

9.         Maryam Iran Panah

10.      Mahmoud Mahroumi

11.      Sanaz Mazinani

12.      Payam Mofidi

13.      Bijan Moosavi

14.      Hani Najm

15.      Mohammad Hasan Nikbakht

16.      Anahita Norouzi

17.      Foad Rahnama

18.      Behnam Sadighi

19.      Parham Taghioff

The Shortlist Exhibition will take place at FN Design in Dubai, UAE from March 18 – 23, 2013.  Each artist will show work that they submitted to the open call.  The 2013 Judging Panel will meet in Dubai, at this time, to deliberate on the seven Finalists, whose names will be announced on Monday 18 March 2013.

(information kindly provided by MOP CAP)

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