Albareh Art Gallery presents ‘Taqaseem IV,’ a Group Exhibition from Oct. 2- Oct. 26

Taqaseem IV

Albareh Art Gallery, From 2nd of October 2012 to 26th of October 2012

This Group exhibition gathers four mid-career artists who live in Bahrain and are best friends in real life. The artists are Ahmed Annan, Mohamed AlMahdi, Hassan AlSari and        Jehan Saleh. 

The concept of Taqaseem started in 2010 with an exhibition in 2010 in Bahrain “Taqaseem I” and “ Taqaseem II” in Dubai and in early this year “ Taqaseem III” in Jeddah. Each exhibition was based on a different theme. 

In this exhibition each artist will use a full gallery wall to display small sized works arranged together to incorporate the full space of that wall. The artists will present new body of works that will be displayed on four Gallery walls only. Each artist has his own style and uses different materials. The artists have also worked jointly on one large Canvas artwork of the size of 200×280 cm and that will be showcase on one separate wall as well.

AlMahdi lingers on tracing his daily images of his recent trip to Morocco using the childish expression that he is so well known for. Annan is still preoccupied with monitoring the movement of society and he is attentive to their daily tasks and activities. Saleh will introduce her new technique of manipulating photographic images that she has taken of different faces throughout her trips with her paint brush, a technique that she has developed after her recent residency in Patras –Greece while AlSari with hi interest in anthropology will reveal new works based on his recent summer residency at Assila in Morocco.

(information and pictures kindly provided by Albareh Art Gallery)

For more information on Albareh Art Gallery click here

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