Middle Eastern Art Books

I have mentioned in several previous posts that there need to be more books on Middle Eastern art. Books are an integral part of any art scene. Fake works are a big problem in the Middle Eastern art world, especially among deceased artists. Books about these artists, showcasing the works they created, could help combat the proliferation of fakes.

There is, however, a small selection of great Middle Eastern art books. I am constantly searching for Middle Eastern art books, and normally have to go through many different sources to find them. To make it easier for people searching for books on this subject, I have compiled the following list of Middle Eastern art books and where to find them:

1. Art of the Middle East by Saeb Eigner.

Description from Amazon: “Artistic expression in the Middle East is experiencing something of a renaissance. Domestic patronage is flourishing, and an impressive array of new museums and art fairs across the region is helping to stimulate international interest in an increasingly influential movement. Art of the Middle East is an accessible overview of modern and contemporary art of the Middle East and Arab world from 1945 to the present, with an emphasis on artists active today. The featured works are divided into seven themed sections – including literature, portraiture and the body, and politics, conflict and war – while extended captions provide an engaging commentary on each artwork and the artist behind its creation. Lavishly illustrated throughout, this landmark publication is an authoritative guide to a challenging and exciting body of work.”

Price: $63.65

To purchase this book click here: 


2. Contemporary Art in the Middle East 

Description from Amazon:

“Contemporary Art in the Middle East is the first in an exciting new series–ARTWORLD–that seeks to showcase the most engaging, cutting-edge contemporary art being made around the world today. Contemporary Art in the Middle East gives those with a genuine interest in art and culture a vital source with which to see the amazing work coming out of a region where reports of political conflict often eclipse those of cultural innovation. With essays by esteemed writers, academics and practitioners, Contemporary Art in the Middle East profiles the work of the most cutting edge artists coming out of the Middle East today, including that by Khosrow Hassan Zadeh, Shrin Neshat, Mona Hatoum, Farhad Moshiri, Shadi Ghadirian, Ghazel, Mitra Tarizian, Reza Aramesh and Yehudit Sasportas. With artist pages presenting specially-commissioned works from some of the most important artists currently working out of the region, Contemporary Art in the Middle East is the first survey of its kind, shattering old stereotypes and providing a forum for art that is insightful, humourous, interesting and inspiring.”

Price: $33.37

To purchase this book click here: 


3. Unveiled: New Art From the Middle East by Lisa Farjam

Description from Amazon : 

“This lavish volume, published to accompany an exhibition at London’s new Saatchi Gallery, is a striking collection of contemporary art from the Middle East. As Lisa Farjam, founder of Bidoun magazine, writes in her introduction, “The Middle East today is routinely viewed through the all-too-predictable prism of strife, oppression and terrorism, which obscures a great deal.” With works gathered from artists of Middle Eastern origin living all over the world, Unveiled reveals a region of dizzying complexity and energy, characterized by diverse cultural, historical and political influences that stretch back centuries. Diana Al-Hadid, Ahmed Alsoudani, Nadia Ayari, Ramin and Rokni Haerizadeh, Barbad Golshiri and Shadi Ghadirian are just a few of the artists whose work is represented in these vibrant, stunning pages.”

Price: $23.48

To Purchase this book click here:


 4. Art & Patronage: The Middle East

Description by Thames & Hudson: 

“A unique and comprehensive review of leading collectors, patrons and institutions related to the Arab World, Turkey & Iran

In the Middle East, arts patronage boasts a long and illustrious history. The artistic heritage of the royal and noble families of Persia, Egypt, Assyria, Mesopotamia and the Ottoman Empire is remarkable. No world museum of ancient art is complete without examples of Persian miniatures and carpets, Syrian metalwork, Egyptian lustreware, Mesopotamian figurines, Ottoman silks, Iznik pottery.

The splendid courts of Suleiman the Magnificent and Shah Abbas the Great are no longer, but collecting and patronage in the region today are enjoying a phenomenal rebirth. Aficionados are aware and knowledgeable – with astonishingly diverse collections: contemporary art to Orientalist painting, traditional Islamic miniatures to pottery and earthenware, maps and manuscripts to religious icons, often displayed in new, state-of-the-art museums, private or public, while new foundations further knowledge.

Art & Patronage: The Middle East is the first attempt to capture this rich vitality. Profiling 102 leading collectors, patrons, institutions and foundations, it offers an intimate glimpse of their collections, exploring the inspired motivation and passion that is shaping the new cultural landscape of the Middle East and preserving past glories for future generations.

Art & Patronage: The Middle East demonstrates that creative promotion – through foundations, museums, scholarship, corporate collections – is crucial for society’s cultural renewal.”

Price: Back in Stock Soon

To purchase this book click here: http://www.thamesandhudson.com/9780500977040.html

 5. New Vision: Arab Contemporary Art in the 21st Century

Description from Thames & Hudson: 

“With over 500 stunning colour illustrations New Vision: Arab Contemporary Art in the 21st Century offers the most comprehensive, scholarly and in-depth survey yet of what is happening at the cutting-edge of art in the Arab world.

In the perpetual quest for the new, the exciting and the innovative, the attention of the global art community has in recent years been more and more focused on the Middle East. Exhibitions and articles have highlighted a remarkable burst of creativity in the region, as Arab countries from Syria to Algeria, Egypt to Lebanon and Palestine to Saudi Arabia have launched some of the most fascinating artists in recent years.

The conceptual playfulness of Hassan Khan, the charged paintings of Jeffar Khaldi, the organic sculptures of Diana Al-Hadid, and the moving photography of Yto Barrada have dazzled audiences with their variety, innovation and thoughtfulness. Until now, however, nobody has captured the vitality of the region’s art in a single book.

Five groundbreaking essays offer the best context to date for contemporary Arab art. These are followed by some 90 superbly illustrated profiles of key artists, organizations and galleries. Mixing the well known (such as Mona Hatoum or Susan Hefuna) with the up and coming (for example, Steve Sabella or Mireille Astore). Exclusive interviews with artists and key curators give an unrivalled insight into the aims, ideas and inspirations of this new generation.

Perfect for all scholars, students and lovers of art, as well as all those interested in the broader Arab cultures, this book is set to become the touchstone publication on this increasingly important and exciting subject.”

Price: GBP 24.95

To Purchase this book click here: http://www.thamesandhudson.com/9780956794222.html

 6. Unleashed: Contemporary Art from Turkey

Description from Thames & Hudson: 

” Turkey, the bridge between continents, the meeting point of East and West, has witnessed many golden ages of art throughout the centuries. Today it is once again home to an extraordinarily vibrant contemporary art scene.

Internationally recognized artists such as Kutluğ Ataman and Hussein Chalayan are relentlessly pushing boundaries while others such as Hale Tenger, Taner Ceylan, İrfan Önürmen, Banu Cennetoğlu, Ahmet Öğüt, Canan Tolon, Ömer Ali Kazma, Haluk Akakçe and Ramazan Bayrakoğlu are producing works of breathtaking beauty, political edge and great conceptual depth. Yet these represent only the tip of the iceberg.

Following in the wake of groundbreaking books on contemporary art in Iran and the Arab world, Unleashed presents a near-exhaustive selection of the most exciting and challenging contemporary art from Turkey, including the work of both established artists such as Sarkis and Gülsün Karamustafa and up-and-coming artists.

Featuring over 950 high-quality illustrations, as well as insightful interviews, in-depth profiles of over 100 artists, and four thought-provoking essays by leading scholars and curators, Unleashed is the essential guide to one of the art world’s most promising and rewarding scenes.”

Price: GBP 48.00

To Purchase this book click here: http://www.thamesandhudson.com/9780500977026.html

7. Modern Arab Art: Formation of Arab Aesthetics by Nada M. Shabout

Description from Amazon: 

“Avoiding a focus on a single country or style, Modern Arab Art provides a historical and theoretical overview of the subject from the 1940s through today. Author Nada Shabout recognizes the important distinction between Arabic art and Islamic art, and views them as overlapping rather than synonymous subjects.

Based on extensive interviews with Arab artists, reviews of Arabic resources, and visits to numerous sites and galleries in the Arab world, Shabout provides a much-needed introduction to a field that has been long neglected. With particular emphasis on production, reception, and the intersection between art and politics in Iraq and Palestine, she reveals the fallacy in Western fascination with Arab art as a timeless and exotic “other.”

Central in her investigation are questions of colonialism, Orientalism, class, and the duality of tradition and modernity. Shabout also offers a penetrating analysis of the use of the Arabic letter, a major trend in modern Arab art.”

Price: $31.45

To Purchase this book click here: 


8. Contemporary Arab Women’s Art: Dialogues of the Present 

Description from Amazon:

“This book offers a unique opportunity to explore contemporary Arab art by women. The volume collects 18 Arab women artists from around the world to challenge western stereotyping of women’s role in Arab society. The contributors and artists illustrate how women experience and question their lives as integral to the Arab diaspora. Their cross-cultural dialogue reflects the diversity of today’s Arab art, and the fresh perspective that each artist brings to the genre.”

Price: $35.00

To Purchase this book click here: 


1o. Iranian Photography Now by Rose Issa

Description from Amazon: 

“Iranian photography reveals a radical aesthetic, embracing both beauty and political resistance, that is shared by practitioners based in Iran–who have devised innovative responses to that country’s political restrictions–as well as Iranians in exile–who have been able to create politically and culturally provocative works for the past 30 years. Shirin Neshat and Kaveh Golestan are perhaps the best-known photographers featured in this publication, which also introduces the work of 34 equally accomplished artists–including Reza Aramesh, Parastou Forouhar, Abbas Kiarostami, Amiral Ghasemi and Shadi Ghadirian. Along with images of their work, some of which has rarely been seen, each photographer contributes a narrative about their life and artistic practice, creating a definitive document on the state of contemporary Iranian photography that transcends Western cliches and misconceptions about the culture of this singular country.”

Price: $42.00 

To purchase this book click here: 


11. Arab Photoragphy Now by Rose Issa

Description from Amazon: 

“This publication shows the visual dynamics of Arab photography in all its fascinating beauty, revealing a rich new aesthetic. We see works of great political and cultural relevance by thirty-six photographers. Their visual imagery constitutes an exciting and instructive journey for the reader. Each of the contributing photographers was asked to supply a statement on his or her life and experience as an artist.”

Price: $36. 50

To purchase this book click here: 


12. Parastou Forouhar: Art, Life and Death in Iran by Rose Issa and Parastou Forouhar

Description from Amazon: 

“The Iranian artist Parastou Forouhar expresses her reaction to the perplexing situations in her homeland through a wide variety of techniques, from photography to digital drawings and multi-media installations.

This publication presents a selection of her most startling work so far, created in response to the dramatic social and political upheaval that she experienced after the Iranian Revolution of 1979 and the murder of her parents in Tehran.

Though the inspiration behind Forouhar’s subject matter may be tragic, her work has a great emotional range: the results are sometimes macabre, occasionally darkly humorous, and often purely joyful.”

Price: $16.46

To purchase this book click here: http://www.amazon.com/Parastou-Forouhar-Life-Death-Iran/dp/0863564488/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1347813943&sr=1-1&keywords=rose+issa

13. Shadi Ghadirian: A Woman Photographer from Iran by Rose Issa

Description from Amazon: 

“Shadi Ghadirian is one of Iran’s leading contemporary photographers. Born in Tehran in 1974, she has exhibited widely in Europe and the United States, and her work has been collected by museums worldwide.

She came to the limelight in the late 1990s with her Qajar series, in which she examines the paradoxical position of women in Iran. Women in traditional clothing pose with items such as a mountain bike or a boom box.”

Price: $12.95

To purchase this book click here: 


14. Malileh Afnan: Traces, Faces, and Places by Rose Issa and Malileh Afnan

Description from Amazon: 

“Maliheh Afnan’s work appears “as a relic of an older civilization or an archaeological excavation into the collective psyche. The delicacy of Persian miniatures and manuscripts, which she remembers from childhood, is mirrored in her love for intimate scale and the refined beauty of muted colour.”

Calligraphy plays an important role: images appear that suggest the written word. Works on paper and tablets of painted plaster are reminiscent of ancient, almost obliterated texts, and, like palimpsests, retain only some vestige of literal meaning and an impression of human contact.

Afnan has absorbed both Middle Eastern and Western influences. She has looked towards such artists as Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Jean Dubuffet, and Paul Klee, and shares an affinity with the American artist Mark Tobey, who helped arrange the first European exhibition of her work in 1971.”

Price: £25

To Purchase this book click here: 


 15. Nermine Hammam: Cairo Year One by Mosaic Rooms and Rose Issa Projects

Description from roseissa.com: 

“Published by the Mosaic Rooms in association with Rose Issa Projects, to accompany the first UK solo show of Egyptian artist Nermine Hammam.

In her two most recent series, ‘Upekkha’ and ‘Unfolding’, Hammam looks at the recent civil unrest and uprising in Egypt. Her works are intricate composites of layered images and symbols, combining digital manipulation and painting to form a rich and highly personal tapestry.”

Price: £10.00

To purchase this book click here: 


16. Raeda Saadeh: Reframing Palestine by Rose Issa

Description from Amazon: 

“In this first monograph of her work, photographer, installation, video and performance artist Raeda Saadeh conveys the many paradoxes, ironies and frustrations of daily life in her homeland, Palestine, with captivating humour and charm. Drawing from influences as diverse as the European great master painters and ancient fairy tales, she presents an upbeat strength and positivity that encourage the viewer to do a double-take and reconsider entrenched opinions. With essays by Victoria Brittain, Juliet Cestar, Aida Nasrallah and Francesca Ricci.”

Price: £9.00 

To Purchase this book click here: 


17. Farhad Ahrarnia: Canary In A Coal Mine by Rose Issa

Description from Amazon:

“With essays by Pippa Oldfield, Christopher de Bellaigue, Lutz Becker and Sara Raza. In his sculptures and embroidered digital prints on canvas, contemporary artist Farhad Ahrarnia draws inspiration from his upbringing in Iran to comment on inter-cultural misunderstanding, media manipulation, and the ongoing tug-of-war between modernity and tradition. His multi-layered works resonate with symbolism and can be interpreted a multitude of ways, but the warmth, wit, vibrant colours and unsettling tension of loose threads and needles leave an immediate and lasting impression.”

Price: £12.75

To Purchase this book click here:


18. Ayman Baalbaki: Beirut Again and Again by Rose Issa

Description from Amazon: 

“With essays by Michel Fani and Lutz Becker. Painter and installation artist Ayman Baalbaki is one of the most exciting young artists to emerge from the Middle East. Bold, striking and bursting with energy, his work can be interpreted a multitude of ways: where some see despair, others see hope; where some see menace, others see courage. Beyond question is his feeling for his hometown, Beirut, whose history he explores again and again.”

Price: £12.75 

To purchase this Book click here: 


19. Omid Salehi: A Photographer’s Journey Through Iran by Rose Issa

Description from Amazon: 

“Award-winning social documentary photographer Omid Salehi captures the unique atmosphere and rhythm of life in contemporary Iran in this affectionate portrait of his homeland. Insightful essays by leading commentators accompany the images, making this an invaluable publication for readers fascinated by this part of the world. Essays by Baqer Moin and Coco Ferguson.”

Price: £12.75 

To Purchase this book click here: 


20. Selma Gubruz: Shadows of My Self by Rose Issa

Description from Amazon:

“Selma Gurbuz is one of Turkey s best-known and most inspired contemporary artists. She draws on personal experiences to create visual elegies in which wonder and magic emerge from seeming chaos. Human and animal characters inhabit her fairytale settings, in images that reference shadow theatre, the art of silhouettes, animation and Ottoman, Japanese and European art history. Published to coincide with an exhibition at the Leighton House Museum.”

Price: £8.99

To Purchase this Book click here:


21. Fathi Hassan by Rose Issa

Description from Amazon: 

“In his vibrant, colourful and kinetic drawings, paintings, collages and installations, Fathi Hassan frequently experiments with Arabic script and plays with the symbols, textures and calligraphy of his Nubian heritage. Exploring the space between graphic symbolism and literal meaning, his work comments on the world as he sees it, his responses ranging from the rebellious to the exuberantly joyful. This publication celebrates a career spanning nearly 30 years and the artist s first major solo exhibition in London at Leighton House Museum.”

Price: £8.88 

To Purchase this Book click here: 


 22. Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian: Heartaches by Rose Issa

Price: £27.95

To Purchase this book click here:


 23. Tehran Studio Works: The Art of Khosrow Hassanzadeh by Mirjam Shatanawi and Rose Issa

Description from Amazon: 

“From his rich, colourful and uncompromising oeuvre, it’s easy to see why Khosrow Hassanzadeh is one of Iran’s leading contemporary artists. A former fruit seller and volunteer soldier, he cuts an unusual figure in Tehran’s high society art scene. Hassanzadeh works primarily with photography, collage, painting and mixed media, often layering contemporary images and photographs with figures drawn from Persian illuminated manuscripts and Farsi calligraphy. His stark paintings of figures wrapped in burial shrouds are reminiscent of Philip Guston’s cartoon-like style but with a sinister immediacy; these images of shrouded corpses are seen all too often in today’s tormented Middle East. Treating subjects as diverse as the Iran-Iraq war, murdered prostitutes, women in chadors and Iranian wrestlers, Hassanzadeh’s multi-layered, humanist works place individuals at the centre of things and unflinchingly examine harsh political realities. The fact that his work is mainly exhibited outside Iran despite its focus on contemporary Iranian society makes for an intriguing, though slightly uneasy relationship with the Western art world. Each series is prefaced with an essay by leading scholars and critics contextualizing the work.”

Price: £12.99

To Purchase this Book click here: 


 24. Chant Avedissian: Cairo Stencils by Chant Avedissian and Rose Issa

Description from Amazon: 

“Egyptian-Armenian artist Chant Avedissian – who refined his techniques in Western art schools and whose inspiration is fuelled by the pantheon of Egypt’s modern Golden Age – deftly explores the boundaries between ‘high’ and ‘low’ art; politics and pop; the ephemeral and the enduring; and Egypt and the rest of the world. Avedissian’s subject is images themselves – mostly appropriated from the covers of Egyptian magazines from the era between King Farouk’s early days and President Nasser’s death, when Egypt was pursuing the ideal of modernity. The iconic figures in Avedissian’s canvases include legendary singers Om Kulthoum and Asmahan; screen sirens Shadia and Hind Rostom; heart-throbs Farid al-Atrash and Abdel Halim Hafez; and once-adored statesmen like Gamal Abdel Nasser. His voracious appetite for these bygone days, and his unerring synthesis of the themes and iconography of Egypt and the Arab world in the 1950s and 1960s, also takes in mothers, sportsmen and women, soldiers, films, hieroglyphics, rural life and advertising.”

Price: £11.69

To Purchase this book click here:


25. Fathi Hassan by Achille Bonito Oliva


“The Egyptian-born, Italian-based artist Fathi Hassan (born 1957) uses mixed media–and occasionally text in Arabic script–to create abstract works of art that share common ground with the work of Shirin Neshat.”

Price: £27.19

To Purchase this Book Click here: 


26. Modern Egyptian Art 1910- 2003 by Liliane Karnouk

Price: £33.73 

To Purchase this book click here: 


27. Palestinian Art: 1850 to the Present by Kamal Boullata

Description from Amazon: 

“This pioneering book offers an insider’s analysis of the development of Palestinian art from the 19th century to the present day. Kamal Boullata’s diverse selection of pre-1948 paintings through contemporary media works highlights the political concerns of Palestinian artists and their unique contributions to modern Arab culture. Work by artists who continued to live in their homeland is examined alongside that of artists of the Palestinian diaspora, including art world luminary Mona Hatoum. Particular attention is paid to the role of women artists, revealing how strategies of resistance have been employed against the dominant artistic expression.”

Price: £21.25

To Purchase this Book click here:


28. Shirin Neshat by Arthur Coleman Danto

Description from Amazon: 

” Internationally acclaimed photographer, videographer, and filmmaker Shirin Neshat first came to prominence in the mid-1990s when she exhibited her series theWomen of Allah, an extraordinary body of work exploring women in Islamic culture. Since then, the Iranian-born artist has continued to explore difficult subjects: the boundaries between East and West, men and women, the sacred and the profane, exile and belonging. Her work is marked by its graphic boldness and stirring imagery: photographs of women cloaked in black veils with excerpts of Farsi poetry inscribed across the surface; videos of clans of men and women in barren landscapes chanting or groups of men and women listening to rousing moralistic sermons in a public hall; and, as in her most recent projects, magical realist works in which women fly or plant themselves in gardens to ensure their fertility.

Renowned art critic and historian Arthur C. Danto explores the entirety of the artist’s rich and varied oeuvre, from the earliest photographs to her latest work, the filmWomen Without Men. Her first feature film, for which she was awarded the prestigious Silver Lion for Best Director at the Venice Film Festival, is based on the novella of the same name that was banned in Iran; it has taken nearly seven years to complete. In addition to the important essay by Danto, the book includes a foreword in the form of a letter by artist Marina Abramović and commentaries for each series of work by Neshat herself, allowing a glimpse into the creative process of one of the most unique artists of her time.”

Price: £26.00

To Purchase this book click here: 


29. Youssef Nabil: I Won’t Let You Die by Octavia Zaya and Youssef Nabil

Description from Amazon: 

“From Louise Bourgeois, Andreas Gursky, Zaha Hadid, and Shirin Neshat, to David Lynch, Omar Sharif, Sting, and Naguib Mahfouz: many artists and other celebrities from the worlds of film, music, and literature have posed for the camera of Egyptian photographer Youssef Nabil (*1972 in Cairo). His first portraits were of friends, taken after he finished studying literature in the early nineties before moving to New York and then Paris, where he worked as an assistant to photographers David LaChapelle and Mario Testino. His photographs hand colored in the old tradition reflect the photographer s exploration of themes such as loneliness, sexuality, and death. At the same time, their visual language betrays a nostalgic longing for the glamour, elegance, and melodrama of the Golden Age of Hollywood cinema. This first comprehensive monograph is a collection of photographs of celebrities and friends, self-portraits, and staged images taken over the past fifteen years.”

Price: £25.50

To Purchase this Book click here:


30. The Art of Madi by Hussein Madi

Description from Amazon: 

“The art of the painter, sculptor and printmaker, Hussein Madi has been exhibited worldwide, at such venues as the British Museum, the Venice Biennale and Tokyo’s Ueno Museum. This long-overdue published retrospective contains an invaluable overview of the Lebanese-born Madi’s work over the past four decades, in which his intensely personal fusion of European and Islamic influences presents itself with a force that is both arresting and subtle. Madi’s joyful experiments in colour and form have resulted in a unique body of work that relates to modern artists like Matisse and Picasso, as well as to the principles of divine harmony that inform the abstract designs of Islamic art. Whether in two or three dimensions, Madi’s lines sing with a spontaneous freedom that belies the careful, even exacting, calculations that the artist invests in each work. This combination of meticulousness and sensuality is everywhere evident in Madi’s work, inspired by his profound belief in ‘God’s universal order, in which everything is different and yet composed of the same cosmic elements.’ A tireless and highly prolific artist, Madi has produced countless works in a variety of media. This book – with over 500 colour plates – will serve as a touchstone for both long-time admirers and initiates to his oeuvre.”

Price: £29.75

To Purchase this book click here:


31. Abdulnasser Gharem: Art of Survival by Henry Hemming

Description from Amazon:

“This stunning book presents one of Saudi Arabia’s most talked-about contemporary artists, Abdulnasser Gharem (b. 1973), who is also a lieutenant colonel in the Saudi Arabian army. Gharem is widely regarded as a pioneer in the Middle East for his firebrand intellectual courage and innovative use of materials, including rubber stamps, a collapsed bridge, and an invasive tree. His story takes readers to the very heart of what it is to stand against the tide, to innovate, and to do so fearlessly, and it reveals precisely what happens when a trickster positions himself both at the center of society and at its margins. If there is just one thing to say about a book on Abdulnasser Gharem, whose works are in the collections of LACMA and the V&A, it is that it is not destined to sit on a coffee table.”

Price: $25.86

To Purchase this book click here:


32. Faisal Samra: Contemporary Arab Artists by Roxana Azimi and Brahim Alaoui

Description from Amazon:

“Saudi Arabian artist Faisal Samra firmly asserts his willingness to stray from the beaten track of conventional art forms. His curiosity and intellectual nomadism lead him to effortlessly reconcile modernity with the traditional culture of his origins. Born in Bahrain, Samra studied at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris. Having dabbled with design, Samra’s diverse artworks, which combine media such as painting, sculpture, and installation, reveal an obsession with visual culture and imagery, often involving a mélange of references to historical and contemporary realities. “

To Purchase this book click here:


33. Edge of Arabia  

Description from Amazon: 

“This seminal book sheds new light on the thriving arts scene in Saudi Arabia. At its heart are in-depth, illustrated profiles of Saudi’s leading contemporary artists, whose courage and originality have opened a rare window into one of the world’s most fascinating cultures. Among those featured are Shadia and Raja Alam, sisters who in 2011 were the first Saudis to represent their country at the Venice Biennale; Abdulnasser Gharem, a conceptual pioneer and lieutenant colonel in the Saudi Arabian army; and Ahmed Mater, a medical doctor whose striking works are in major collections, including the LA County Museum and the British Museum.

Edge of Arabia is an artistic movement and touring exhibition that showcases a new generation of groundbreaking artists practicing at the center of the Islamic world, and brings Saudi Arabia into dialogue with the rest of the world through contemporary art.”

Price: $32.21

To Purchase this Book click here:


34. Halim Al Karim by Nadine Descendre

Description from Amazon:

“The first complete monograph on the Iraqi artist Halim Al-Karim will appeal to anyone interested in following one of the world’s most exciting artist. This is the second title in the Contemporary Arab Artists series, whose mission is to establish a living link between the Arab-Muslim world and the Western art scene.”

Price: $34.65

To Purchase this book click here:


35. Ahmed Mater

Description from Amazon:

“An illuminating look at one of the Middle East’s most fascinating contemporary artists, this survey is the first to explore the extraordinary life and work of Saudi artist Dr Ahmed Mater. Mater’s work, exhibited at the Venice Biennale and in the collections of the British Museum and Los Angeles County Museum of Art, is informed by his education and life as a medical doctor, as well as by his traditional religious upbringing and Saudi culture. His work, which encompasses photography, calligraphy, painting, installation and video, explores the narratives and aesthetics of Islamic culture in an era of globalization, consumerism and dramatic flux.

The book examines four of Mater’s most important artistic projects, and includes contributions from leading scholars and commentators writing from London, Riyadh, Los Angeles, Paris, Abha, Sana’a and Amsterdam. Catherine David’s foreword positions Mater’s work within the cultural context of the Arabian Gulf, while the book’s elegant design evokes the artist’s Middle Eastern sensibility.”

Price: $29.20 

To Purchase this Book click here:


36. Ardeshir Mohassess: Art and Satire in Iran by Shirin Neshat and Nicky Nodjoumi

Price: $35.00 

To Purchase this Book click here:


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