Agial Art Gallery Presents ‘We Need to Talk,’ an exhibition by Mahmoud Hojeij from Sep. 4-29

Mahmoud Hojeij‘We Need to Talk’

Sep. 4-29

Mahmoud Hojeij was born in 1975, Beirut, Lebanon. He is an international award filmmaker and a contemporary artist of mixed media.

at the end of the day if you stand on any piece of land and look, you will probably see what you have been told about that place.

if you decide to look away, you will most probably see how you would like that place to look like.

if you close your eyes, you might not see, buy you will definitely feel how much that place looks like you.

at the end of the day, any view can turn into a point of view; just like how any point has become a view.

so it does not matter any more if in the unlikely event of failure, a product is fixed, replaced or thrown away.

we need to talk.

(information and pictures kindly provided by Agial Art Gallery)

For more information on Agial click here

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