AB Gallery in Lucerne presents ‘Evidence,’ an exhibition by Wamidh Al-Ameri


Wamidh Al-Ameri

Lucerne, August 2012.

During his artist-­in-­residence program in Lucerne the Iraqi artist Wamidh Al-­‐Ameri has dedicated himself to very serious subjects. His works are related to current topics of the Arabic world as war, religion, poverty, escape, rebellion and resignation. However, he does not want to evoke anxiety through the seriousness of the subject but make them accessible to everyone through a playful implementation.

Thus he made people walk in front of the Jesuit church in the Swiss city Lucerne with an umbrella decorated like a minaret showing a Koran excerpt and a half moon on the tip. It may seem strange, contradictory and complex that Wamidh Al-­‐Ameri puts the half-­‐moon, the symbol of Islam par excellence, on an every day object and that he creates a dialog between the golden crucifixes of the Christian church and the half-­‐moon. He demystifies the Islam, makes it literary tangible, he plays with associations caused by the umbrella. In the present difficult economical situation the work may even remind the omnipresent term of the “European rescue umbrella”, since it is the money from Islamic countries which supports many companies and banks.

Wamidh Al-­Ameri (*1977) was born in Baghdad/ Iraq. He lives in Winterthur and Zurich/ Switzerland. He graduated from the University of fine Arts in Baghdad, the University of Arts in Bern and the University of Fine Arts in Zurich. 2009 he received a studio scholarship of the canton Zurich for the Cité internationale des arts Paris, 2006 he received the city award of Winterthur. His works has been shown in Switzerland, France and Slovakia.

OPEN SUNDAY: 2nd September 2012, 11 am -­‐ 4 pm.
The exhibition runs from 2nd September to 13th October 2012 at AB Gallery Lucerne. 

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