Middle East Art Guides: Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Doha

Dear Readers,

‘Art of the Mid East’ will also be heading to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha in November to create ‘Art Guides’ to these 3 bustling cities!

The goal of these ‘City Art Guides’ is for a comprehensive online art guide to each major city in the Middle East through the Art of the Mid East blog. ‘Cultural Tourism’ is a growing global trend, and ‘Art of the Mid East’ will make sure the Middle East region is on track to offer comprehensive, in depth art guides to each city!

There is a great deal going on in the Middle Eastern art world at the moment, and it is sometimes hard to keep track. I have been emailed countless times by people in Europe, the USA, Asia, and within the Middle East itself, saying that they are heading to a city in the Middle East, and want to check out whats going on in the city’s art scene, asking if I could send a detailed list of what to see. I hope that by publishing these art guides on the blog, it will make checking out each city’s art scene easier, and make sure that nothing is missed out.

Taymour Grahne

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2 Responses to Middle East Art Guides: Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Doha

  1. Manal A says:

    Dear Taymour, it is very important to have these guides made, as you said, many people ask when planning a visit to the UAE about what the cultural offerings are. i suggest however that to give a comprehensive and accurate guide of whats on offer then the city of Sharjah can not be overlooked. Recognized internationally by UNESCO as Capital of Arab Culture(1998) and now of Islamic Culture (2014) and with the Sharjah Biennial a over a decade in existence, i believe its imperative that our activities and museums are highlighted. please see http://www.sharjahmuseums.ae and http://www.sharjahart.org for further info. Thank you!

    • Hi Manal,

      You are right! Sharjah is a vital place to make an Art Guide for as the city has developed a very important art scene! I definitely will be heading to Shrajah in November to create the art guide on the city. Hopefully I’ll see you then.
      All the best,

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