XVA Gallery presents a solo show by Fereydoon Omidi from June. 20 till September

The XVA welcomes Fereydoon Omidi for a solo exhibition of contemporary Persian calligraphy

14 May 2012, Dubai, UAE – For its upcoming June show, the XVA is pleased to welcome Fereydoon Omidi, who will present his latest works of contemporary Persian calligraphy within the popular DIFC gallery.  Omidi previously exhibited in the XVA four years ago, and it is felt that his arresting, large-scale works will draw attention from both art connoisseurs and visitors to the DIFC over the summer period.

Running from the 20th June to early September, the exhibition marks the return of Fereydoon since his previous show at the XVA Bastakiya’s venue four years ago. The exhibition represents the artist’s latest series of paintings, namely large scale, oil on canvas calligraphy works.

 Through this new body of work, Fereydoon uses Persian calligraphy in a repetitious manner, playing with the spacing and volume of letters, and with such rhythmic motions, ignites the imagination of the audience. The overall objective is not to create meaning, as sometimes there is none. The artist mainly works with oil colour, slipping on layer over layer until the desired illusion is created.

 Fereydoon’s fascination with calligraphy started when he learnt the ancient script in High School, although it was not until 2007 that he incorporated this technique into his artistic practice, using Farsi letters.  Fereydoon is has built a successful career in the artistic world marked by exhibitions in his native Tehran and a number of group exhibitions abroad including Japan, Venice and Paris. He presently lives and works in Tehran and teaches at Azad University.

 20 June to September 2012

(info and pictures kindly provided by XVA Gallery)

For more information on the XVA Gallery click here

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