Art Sawa presents ‘Senses & Sensibilities,’ an exhibition by Hend Al Falafy


Opening : 29-May-2012 07:00 PM 

Exhibition : 30-May-2012 till 19-Jun-2012

Venue : Art Sawa | DIFC


HEND AL FALAFLY explores through her most recent and intimate works” Senses and Sensibilities” the different emotions expressed by the women, usually which are part of her daily life. She strongly uses the body language to understand the meaningful silence carried over their experiences and different stories.Hend  reflects all its semantic in the facial expressions and movements of the hands, the feet, , the look ,the clothes, and reveals then the  tension, and the emotions repressed .Although the silence of the lips, the hands become the voice ,the eyes, which transcends all the languages, speak in a glance ,an unspeakable tongue, and the body  denies lies and hypocrisies. 
“The pencils are my instruments, my tools, simply to express the intimate relationships of my social circle and, my work is mixed with strong realism which contains   symbolism with very expressive meaning in the same time” she says 
A different Realism inspires her and have great impact in her works, which breaths from an inherent activity revealed through an incredible movement and light. 
No secret can be kept hidden, all is revealed.

(info and pics kindly provided by Art Sawa)

For more information on Art Sawa click here

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