XVA Gallery presents a solo exhibition by Saudi Arabian artist Hussein Al Mohasen from May. 8 until Jun. 14

8th May to 14th June 2012 

XVA Gallery to host first solo exhibition from Saudi Arabian artist Hussein Al Mohasen

11th May 2012, Dubai, UAE – The XVA Gallery DIFC is pleased to confirm its upcoming exhibition by Saudi Arabian artist Hussein Al-Mohasen on 8th May 2012. This announcement represents an exciting moment within XVA’s calendar, marking Hussein’s first solo exhibition with the Gallery, following participation within five group shows. The artist, known for his bold, colourful approach will open his exhibition by undertaking a graffiti installation, to be created live on site.

Hussein’s figurative works on canvas and paper combines baleful objects and machinery with strikingly vivid colour. Through the eyes of the artist, Hussein manages to alter perceptions imbued with deep political connotations. In addition, the artist takes inspiration from music and Arabic poetry, using graffiti on canvas and paper to explore freedom and the relationship between spaces and calligraphy.

As part of the opening night display on 8th May 2012, the XVA has invited Hussein to create one of his large-scale graffiti works on a four-metre wall within the Gallery. This exciting display of his creative energy will add an experimental element to the show, and allow visitors to critically engage with the production process.

With the international art world looking now to Saudi Arabia, due to the success of Edge of Arabia: Contemporary Art from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during Art Dubai, Saudi Arabian artists have been firmly cemented as part of the cultural and Art landscape in the region. With the arrival of Hussen’s solo exhibition, never has there been a more significant moment for Saudi Arabian artists to convey their messages and viewpoints of the realties and diversities of the Middle East.

(info and pics provided by XVA Gallery)

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