Mark Hachem projects presents ‘A Young Childish Riot,’ an exhibition by Yaser Safi from Apr. 10- Apr. 24



TUESDAY APRIL 10 2012 @ 6 pm

A Young Childish Riot    

Mark Hachem Projects: presents ‘A YOUNG CHILDISH RIOT’ by renowned Syrian artist Yaser Safi. The much-anticipated exhibition will be unveiled on Tuesday 10 April 20126pm until 9pm and will run until the 24th of April 2012. 

The exhibition will showcase Yaser Safi’s most recent paintings reflecting an enigma, which at times needs to be deciphered. Paintings exemplify an unconventional yet remarkable approach to depicting the human form. People, Icons and figures are portrayed in what looks like child-like paintings, or naive etchings; this is in fact what distinguishes Yaser Safi’s artworks. With intuitive childish freedom the artist drops the technical rules and formal decorations. He dislikes polishing suaveness, academic courtesy, and the virtue of paintings he will not consent to any topographic displacement, and thus covey’s a crucial contentment to the viewer.

 Yaser’s expressive essence is based on flying and floating creatures, orbiting from the surface of the canvas, levitating in an astral ‘conscientious’ void without horizon, free from gravity. Painting’s converted into a new hallucinatory anatomic logic, original and unique.

Some of the painting’s focus on puritanical platonic love; Bodies suffer from embrace and separation, soaring in a celestial ascending in an upper ethereal worlds, feeling from death and sins of the lower world in a space with no shackles. 

Yaser’s painting’s radiate with gladness and pulsate with sadness simultaneously, oscillating between mature, meditative tranquility and young childish riot. Yaser prefers the virgin lines and colors, with no revision or rectification, therefore he is the artist least expected to stumble over alienation and stereotypes.

 Born in 1976 in Al Qamashli, Syria. Yaser attained his Bachelors in Fine Arts a Diploma of superior studies in Graphic Design from DamascusUniversity. He was awarded many prizes such as the Honor prize at the Cervantes Center, Damascus, Syria; the first Graphic Award Winner at the second Syrian Youth Exhibition, Syria and the second graphic Award Winner, Biennale Lattakia, Syria.

For more information on Mark Hachem Beirut click here

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