XVA Gallery presents ‘Documentary of Sea,’ an group exhibition from Feb. 15- Mar. 15

Vahid Sharifian (curator), with: Shahriar Ahmadi, Mahmoud Bakhshi, Ala Dehghan, Mehdi Farhadian, Anahita Ghasemkhani, Omid Hallaj, Ghasem Mohammadi, Shantia Zaker Ameli, Amirhossein Zanjani
Documentary of Sea
15 February – 15 March 2012

Each artist explores the poetic relationship between human nature and that of the ocean, which is both revered and compelling.

“Perhaps, water is the largest and the most impressive part of the nature that we can experience. The Sea is both poetic and entertaining; political and divine. It plays with us and draws us in. It seems that it is the only thing that makes an adults passion into that of a child and gives history to superstition as well as science. To mankind it is both kind and cruel and without the phenomena of the Sea we would not exist. The Sea has had a profound influence on the past, and will continue to form the future. I want to say that we can’t talk about it with just words. It is what that exists but does not show itself. As it lives by the beach, in our minds it is unassuming.

A Documentary of Sea by 10 artists, not a documentary of its existence and its science. Here, the Sea gives you new vision through the eyes of these thought provoking artists. From daydreaming to politics, economics, history and tradition, we see through their art, their personal experience of Sea. A part of all life on Earth, the Sea overwhelms our surroundings, acting as a friend and a foe – but always beautiful to behold.”

(info and pictures provided by the XVA Gallery)

For more information on the XVA Gallery click here

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