Artspace presents ‘Egyptian Tales,’ an exhibition by 7 Egyptian artists from Feb. 13- Mar. 5

ARTSPACE brings ‘Egyptian Tales’, an innovative selection of works by 7 Egyptian artists. Curated by Mohammad Tlaat the exhibition opens on Monday, February 13, 2012 at ARTSPACE, Dubai (DIFC) at 7.00pm and continues till March 5th.


The works on display narrates Egyptian art history leading up to current events and touches upon the cause and effect of all these past experiences combined. The exhibition reflects the historic sequence, linking to past experiences and showing the distinct characteristics of 100 years of Egyptian modern art history. Exhibitions include works by Amal Kenawy, Hend Adnan, Islam Hassan, Ibrahim El Dessouki, Khaled Zaki, Mohammed Abou El-Naga and Mohammed El Fayoumi. Each artist searches for spaces within themselves. Strict rules and personal history of their artistic experiences reflect the course of development in thier practice . These artists’ attempt to develop their ideas and escape the current moment with an eagerness to foresee the future. ARTSPACE’s main sponsor of 2012 is Banque Vontobel, Private Banking winner of the Best Boutique Private Bank 2011. “Banque Vontobel is delighted to be associated with Art Space gallery for the whole year of 2012 as its main sponsor to highlight the beautiful hard work and art expressed by young Middle Eastern artists. The performance of artists across our history either through paintings, drawings, musics, poems, literatures, photographies, sculptures and many more means transcend people mind and boundaries to build comfort, free interpretation for each and every one as well as trust in art and the artists. At Banque Vontobel Private Banking, Performance creates Trust where we also try to be artists in our own way as the Best Boutique Private Bank 2011 by the Financial Times.”

(info and pictures provided by Art Space Gallery)

For more information on Art Space Gallery click here

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