Mohamed Omar Khalil reveals 15 of his recent works, starting with Paolo Uccello in Italy then going to Marrakech and Fez, stopping in the “Souk‟ near the “Hand of Fatima”, watching the “Snake Charmers of Jama’a al Fana’a‟, talking to the “One-eyed Camel‟, and reaching finally the United States with a film entitled “The birdman of Alcatraz‟. A bizarre group of paintings gathered in this exhibition to express his inspiration, nostalgia and dreams. Forming a bridge between past and present, the well-constructed paintings of Mohamed Omar Khalil expose the deep search for forgotten memories and the longing for an imaginary world. 

The fascination with Paolo Uccello’s works “The Battle of San Romano”, when he first saw them back in 1963 still continues and Khalil presents six art works, but this time he is no longer focusing on the paintings but addressing the painter directly and addressing him in a friendly manner “Paulo‟. 

Born just a few kilometers from Khartoum, Mohammed Omar Khalil remained in his homeland until 1963 where he studied and later taught at the School of Fine and Applied Arts. He pursued further studies in fresco painting and printmaking at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy. By 1967, Khalil had moved to New York City, USA, where he still lives, works, and teaches at Parsons the New School for Design. 

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