Mark Hachem Gallery presents ‘The Awakening,’ by Sabhan Adam from Feb. 2 – Feb. 16

SABHAN ADAM I ‘The Awakening’

Opening: Thursday 2nd February 2012 I 6-9pm

Talk by Sabhan Adam starts @ 7pm

Mark Hachem Gallery- Beirut: is proud to present ‘THE AWAKENING’ by renowned Syrian artist SABHAN ADAM. The much-anticipated exhibition will be unveiled on Thursday, 2nd February 2012 and will run until the 16th of February.

The exhibition will showcase Sabhan Adam’s most recent paintings: and for the first time Sabhan enters into a new period. The exhibition inspired by the recent political uprisings in the Arab world, see ”speeches” being swirled in circles of rhetoric being expressed during recent times!

‘Culture reaches abyss as well as art enters its own catastrophic words; for those that want to see Sabhan Adam’s artworks, it can not be seen by big black Arabian eyes, green or blue eyes, via sunglasses nor contact lenses. Who only sees it, are those eyes filled with tears’. Sabhan Adam

The tortured creatures reflecting our humanities loneliness and desperation are still prominent, however in the forefront new subjects are revealed with playfulness and vibrant colors. Sabhan’s interpretation of “Little Miss Red Riding Hood” takes the viewer back to child hood memories.

‘In 2012, animals of different species; kangaroos, donkey’s, birds, comic people who are sad idiotic, harmless; that is what I currently tend to depict, it is a disbelief in the human reality and the obscurity of its equations’ Sabhan Adam

Interchanging colors between, red, white and black. He alternates the spirit of each painting. Painting’s inspired by the poetic masters of the 19th century reveal a romantic, spiritual and softer side to Sabhan. Extracting his favorite parables, and poems, expressing them through the beautiful Arabic font of calligraphy. Paintings show creatures peeping at you appear to be smiling and more regal.

 ‘From the very first moment- birth -I remember the first breath, the present and the future have always been a past. Everything that has been happening was already known with every event and each detail, it deceptively appears to the other -the viewer-what lies in a painting is a texture, a fabric or paints. Nevertheless, it never has been it is always a piece of a wounded heart; it is the fractured pain into textile and lines and colors. In my early years, the high price I paid was misunderstandings and isolation, a room with no windows, that is who I am, that is who I was, where future seemed to be past, and when what I predicted, and what I have imagined, has happened in reality. Art reveals the hidden and gives thoughts a better way’ Sabhan Adam

 ‘The Awakening’ will take you on a journey through Sabhan’s world: Mark Hachem Gallery invites the public to share in his wonder.

(info and pictures kindly provided by the Mark Hachem Gallery)

For more information the the Mark Hachem Gallery click here

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