Book on Lebanese Art

A great book on Lebanese art is ‘Art in Lebanon: 1930-1975’ by Frieda Howling, published in 2005. It gives insight on the masters of Lebanese art, and contains pictures of some never before seen work. An interesting quote from the book (written by Arthur Frick in the forward):

‘In the years 1930 to 1975, the flux and dynamics of Lebanese art would not have been possible without a democratic constitution which guaranteed freedom of art, research, and scholarship, and above all, the support of a people who enthusiastically contributed to an open market place for ideas. Thus, the responsibility for Lebanese culture at that time, resided with the individual.’

I will soon add a new section on the blog dedicated to publications on Middle Eastern art

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1 Response to Book on Lebanese Art

  1. Leila Kawash says:

    That is interesting and I am going to look for that book. I am preparing for an exhibit at the Orfali Gallery in Amman this coming spring, I will let you know the details.

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