Etemad Gallery Dubai presents ‘Mr. Passive,’ an exhibition by Mehrdad Mohebali from Jan. 17- Feb. 18

Mehrdad Mohebali

Mr Passive

Private View 17 January 2012, 7-9pm

The exhibition continues until 18 February 2012

Etemad Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of Mr Passive, an exhibition of recent figurative large scale paintings by Iranian artist Merhdad Mohebali, for his inaugural exhibition in Dubai.

Merhdad Mohebali’s paintings tell stories about human interaction and the mundane nature of daily life, which he captures in a timeless manner, similar to Dutch master paintings. He depicts scenes that at first glance seem familiar, but on closer examination, the characters are poised in a mysterious manner with facial expressions and body language deep in thoughts unknown to the viewer.

Mohebali’s traditional painterly style draws on a classical approach in painting that documents his contemporary surroundings in vivid colour tones that are defined by shadows cloaking parts of the work. This traditional technique of Chiaroscuro, using light and dark tones, makes his composition exceptionally complex and delicate. His paintings are layered into a textual composition of many ideas and open to the viewer’s interpretation. It is for the viewer to look at these specific scenes and take from it what they see as a ‘message’; equally the works appear as a sublime landscape of people. His artistic career can be summarised as a documentation of the conditions of living in Iran. 
Through his art, he is able to articulate the ongoing issues of traditional versus modern, young vs old, West versus East and the effects these conflicting views have on the individual.

Mehrdad Mohebali has shown extensively in Iran and internationally and his works are in several prominent private collections.

(pictures and info provided by Etemad Gallery)

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