Ayyam Young Collectors Auction Results


The Young Collectors Auction | Official Results
Ayyam Auctions’ twelfth sale yields $389,840 USD

Ayyam Auctions’ twelfth sale surpassed its previous record with sales totaling $389,840 USD. 90% of the lots were sold with total sales exceeding the aggregate of the low estimates 

On January 17, Ayyam Auctions rolled out the red carpet for the sixth edition of its Young Collectors Auction in Dubai, harvesting nearly $390,000 with 82 lots. 

In an informal yet vibrant scenery with moderately priced painting, sculpture, photography, limited edition prints and conceptual art, this contemporary sale was custom-made for new and young collectors freshly introduced to the auction experience as well as veteran buyers looking to discover that next new star. 

A packed saleroom, a full staff manning the telephone bids from around the world helped to make the first auction of 2012 successful and memorable. Attendees had the opportunity to view and bid on commissioned artworks, masterpieces, and also photographs by the emerging artists from the latest Shabab competition at the most appealing prices. Buyers strove for works with competitive bidding and enthusiasm, generating a dynamic ambiance, which has indubitably confirmed the gallery’s aim to make of this event a permanent fixture. 

Held at Ayyam’s Art Center, the public sale featured an astounding collection of Arab and Iranian art. Highlights included notorious figures such as Samia Halaby, Fateh Moudarres alongside Shadi Ghadirian and Amir H. Fallah, artists who have recently gained international recognition.

The highlights of the evening came with competitive bidding over works by emerging artists such as sculptors Ahmed Al Askalany and Sahand Hesamiyan who both sold for $21,600 and $13,200 respectively, conceptual artist Ammar Al Beik and modernist painter Asaad Arabi whose final hammer prices were $15,600 and $8,400.

Click here for a complete list of auction results:


(info provided by Ayyam Gallery)

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  1. Bassima Ghawi says:

    hi Teymur , how have you been , Hana told me she saw you in beirut , ohh i would haave have liked to see you too , yalla inshalla soon in Amman, pls what do you have on Nabil Anani.

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