Artspace Gallery presents ‘I…Revolution,’ an exhibition by Mohammed Taman from Jan. 15- Feb. 10

Dubai’s Renowned Artspace Gallery Proudly Presents  Mohammed Taman’s exhibition I…REVOLUTION

 Dubai January 2012 – Artspace Gallery is pleased to be showcasing an innovative selection of works by the Egyptian artist Mohammed Taman that is taking place from the 15th of January to the 10th of February 2012. We are also pleased to announce that Artspace’s main sponsor of 2012 is Banque Vontobel, Private Banking winner of the Best Boutique Private Bank 2011.


Mohammed Taman is an Egyptian artist and researcher in the field of the relationship between the chemical reactions of colors and the interactions between software processes.

His career began towards the end of 1999. It all started with a special coloring technique which he created himself and used to produce his own works of art. This technique has become the artist’s special feature.
In 2006, he began his political activism against the regime of the deposed President Mubarak through Facebook, but the first day of the 2011 Egyptian Revolution was when he actively participated in the political uproar that would change the country forever – getting hit by a bullet in the eye and getting arrested for his involvement in a demonstration earlier that day.

With the succession of political events that followed, the artist continued to participate in Egypt’s new political life; the latest being a candidate for the parliamentary elections held recently which indicates his belief in art itself being a parallel reflection of the political and social reality.

Remaining in his personal studio, isolated from the reality surrounding him was not an option and observing the surface of the changes in society was not enough because it would only lead to an unreal work of art, which differs in case the artist himself was involved in changing reality through working within the political field, hence he works on two parallel realities, a political one and an artistic one, each has its own terms structural tools, the thing that leads to creating a new relationship between the two of them, where the artist is benefiting the artistic lifestyle to inspire new solutions for political cases, at the same time benefiting the political lifestyle to inspire new works of art that sums up the picture.


This particular exhibition is the result of an affair between art and politics.

In this body of work, the artist attempts to review and comment on the political reality of contemporary Egypt post revolution- a harvest of personal experiences the artist has faced in the political field for nearly a year of the Revolution age. The artist makes a visual narrative on some of the events that took place during his short political experience, at other times he reviews his point of view in the contemporary political reality and his criticizing vision for some new and extraordinary facts.

(all information and pictures provided by ArtSpace)

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