Albareh Art Gallery presents ‘Yusuf,’ an exhibition by Nazar Yahya from Jan. 10- Feb. 2

Albareh Art Gallery to Host its Second Solo Exhibition Showcasing
Artworks by Contemporary Iraqi Artist Nazar Yahya

Bahrain, January 2012: Albareh Art Gallery presents a solo exhibition by Prominent
Contemporary Iraqi artist, Nazar Yahya. The exhibition entitled, “Yusuf” will take
place at Albareh Art Gallery, from 10th January- 2nd February 2012.

“I am Joseph, We are Joseph enduring the betrayal of our peers, sexual and physical
abuse. False accusations and forceful expulsion from our homeland” this is the
message behind the works of Contemporary Conceptual artist Nazar Yahya.

Nazar’s conviction and his passion are evident in a series of recent works that
symbolize the biblical story of Joseph’s exile in the desert and at the same time, tell a
parallel story of the cruel Iraqi exodus from Iraq. Nazar attempts to compare “Yusuf”
life with his life story in the perils of our times.

Nazar presents ten artworks that used staged digitized photography printed on rice
paper and executed on Canvas. He will also introduce an art book consisting of 12
paintings inspired from the poem of Poet Mahmood Darwich “Father, I am Yusuf”.
There are ten editions of this art book.

Born and raised in Baghdad, Nazar started his art path as an illustrator for children’s
magazines in the early 1980’s while he was still in high school. He then pursued his
art education and graduated from the painting department at the Academy of Fine
Arts in 1986.

As an Iraqi artist who has witnessed the war, some of his works are a reflection of that
reality, such as “Blocks”, “Migrating Birds”, and “Bird Land”, however he managed
to present strong ideas through a harmony of well-composed forms and color.

During the past ten years, he participated in many art exhibitions in the Middle East,
England, and the US. His pieces are exhibited at the British Museum, Qatar Museum,
Houston Museum and soon the Station Museum of Contemporary Art.

The “Yusuf” exhibition will run from 10 January until 2 February 2012 at Albareh
Art Gallery, Bahrain, Saturdays through Thursdays, from 10.00 am – 1.00 pm and
from 4.00 to 8.00 pm. The exhibition will also open its doors on 10 January from
7.00– 9.30 pm.

(all info and pics provided by Albareh Art Gallery)

For more information on Albareh Art Gallery click here

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