Ayyam Gallery presents ‘Through the Looking Glass II’ by Mouteea Murad

Mouteea Murad ‘Through the Looking Glass II’

Location: Ayyam Gallery Beirut

Vernissage: Thursday, November 10th at 7 pm Exhibition

Dates: November 10 – December 31, 2011

On Thursday November 10, Ayyam Gallery Beirut will proudly present “Through The Looking Glass II” an exhibition highlighting the most recent work of Syrian artist Mouteea Murad. Marking the painter’s first solo exhibition in Beirut, this upcoming event will showcase a new take on the complex geometric abstractions for which he has become known over the past few years.

In 2009, Murad began successively labeling his canvases with the word “Trial,” an indication of a continuous path of experimentation. Deeply engaged with the multifarious tradition of Islamic art, he approaches his work with a profound sense of spirituality and an acute understanding of its aesthetic values. Working from this foundation, he proceeds with contemporary experiments, identifying then adding to the modern breakthroughs that defined the formation of abstract art movements throughout the twentieth century. Joining these seemingly disparate schools of art in a single composition, Murad elucidates how the origins of international abstraction lie within the essential principles of Islamic art.

Resulting in new forms and techniques altogether, Murad reconfigures arabesques with constructivist visions and minimalist divisions, juxtaposing order and chaos as illuminated shapes and bold lines define multidimensional space. Utilizing cutting-edge artistic techniques, he explores the core facet of this tradition by creating compositions that suggest a sublime presence in the world around us so that wonder, beauty and complexity are depicted as stemming from the same divine source.

Mouteea Murad will be present on the opening day and during the first week of the exhibition. For interview with the artist or any further details, please contact us at +961 1 374450 or email us at: beirut@ayyamgallery.com. —

Born in Homs, Syria in 1977, Mouteea Murad is a rising young artist whose recent explorations into abstraction have set him apart within the contemporary Syrian art scene. A graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts, he has recently carved out a significant place for himself amongst the region’s leading abstract painters, Murad is becoming a favorite among international art lovers with his paintings housed in collections in Lebanon, Jordan, France, Switzerland, the US, China and “the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts”.

(info and pictures provided by Ayyam Gallery)

For more information on Ayyam Gallery Beirut click here

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