APEAL’s exhibition of contemporary Lebanese art starting tomorrow at the Royal College of Art in London! Don’t miss!

The Association for the Promotion and Exhibition of the Arts in Lebanon (APEAL), is presenting a exhibition of contemporary art by Lebanese artists at the Royal College of Art – “Subtitled: With Narratives from Lebanon”.  This unique event will only run from Thursday 3 November until Sunday 6 November 2011.

Abdel Rahman Katanani, ‘Family Jumping Over Barbed Wire’:

Structured along five compelling themes to help interpret the country’s varied and complex modern history by Lebanese artists living in and outside Lebanon, the exhibition will delve into Lebanon’s socio-political realities, the determinant parameters of which, have shaped and influenced a unique trend of post war art.

Nada Sehnaoui, ‘To Sweep’: 

Oussama Baalbaki, Untitled:Over thirty Lebanese artists will present thought-provoking pieces.  And, Nadim Karam, Nada Sehnaoui and Zena el Khalil will be at the official opening on Thursday 3 November to discuss their work and experiences at a press briefing and later in a panel discussion.

Ayman Baalbaki, ‘Borj El Mur’:

Flavia Codsi, ‘Diverse City’:(All information and pictures provided by APEAL)

About APEAL:

The Association for the Promotion and Exhibition of the Arts in Lebanon (APEAL)[1] is a non-profit organization dedicated to showcasing and encouraging Lebanese artists by projecting their artwork beyond conventional borders and onto a larger screen. One of APEAL’s goals is to create a common platform and magnet for creativity by presenting eclectic collections gathered from a universe of gifted visual, literary or performing artists. APEAL strives to be a point of connection in this vital cultural conversation. Composed of Lebanese and citizens from around the world, the group envisions launching exchange programs between artists, universities and art institutes, granting scholarships to promising talent, and contributing to the formation of trained curators and professionals on the Lebanese art scene.  By creating this window, APEAL is sowing the seeds for true understanding and growth of Lebanon’s artistic potential.

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