CNN: Don’t pigeonhole us, say Saudi women artists

An interesting article by CNN that discusses the complex situation Saudi female artists find themselves in:

“Al Faisal, a photographer, has another reason for being wary of people’s expectations: She is a princess, a granddaughter of the first king of Saudi Arabia. She avoids being photographed or showing her face in interviews to allow her to travel the world anonymously without bodyguards.

Her work has taken her to China, Japan, India, Europe, America and all around the Middle East, capturing striking black-and-white photographs of people and landscapes.

Al Homoud, a single mother who brought up her two sons in London, creates abstract art, often geometric black-and-white drawings.

She said: “People kind of concentrate on you and give you more attention because you have female Saudi artists, but it’s kind of upsetting because it’s related to stereotype, and I think what we are doing is changing this stereotype.”” (from the CNN article cited below)

Check out the CNN article here:


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