X-ist Presents ‘Deployment’, an Exhibition by Ali Taptik from Sep. 22- Oct. 15

In his third solo show, Ali Taptık presents a selection of works taken between 2004 and 2011 by making use of different groupings and approaches, ranging from a classic series format to a more conceptual book structure and installation. In this exhibit, the artist, who generally prefers to work on different series at the same time, has taken an alternative route redefining his approach, where the exhibition takes on the format of a status report.  Taptık sees the exhibit contrary to popular expectancy as where the work and production really begins, rather than the usual definitive closing argument that is the norm. Deployment, in which independent series become intertwined and open a multitude of possible relationships could be said to take the viewer in to the kitchen or the generally private studio of the artist; by this very act collapsing established rules and rigid expectations with an eye to promote discussion.

Taptık’s third solo exhibition, Deployment consists of four different series; ‘Tangent’, ‘Probe’, ‘Towards a Flora’ and ‘Meridians’. The first series titled ‘Tangent’ is the preliminary work for his upcoming book and consists of snapshot photographs which Taptık has been working for 5-6 years. Probe, the second series in the exhibit, is the result of an attempt by the artist to use different photographic languages at the same time, shifting from a detailed focused gaze, to a micro/macro perspective questing between the sum and its parts.

 The third in the collection of series “Towards a Flora”, could be interpreted as a visual research or cataloging endeavor. Taptık plans to publish this series as a book including the contributions of biologists, botanists and landscape architects’ essays in coming years. The final series in the exhibit is titled ‘Meridians’ inspired by real events and source material behind the printing of Tropic of Capricorn in Turkey,  the semi-autobiographical novel by Henry Miller, reminds us of a successful and collective stance against censorship.

Deployment, the title of Taptık’s third solo show, is translated into Turkish as “for a specific purpose in

(info and pics kindly provided by X-ist)

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