Mathaf Museum presents ‘Swalif’, a group exhibition of more than 20 Qatari artists from Aug. 14- Oct. 29

Modern Art

14 August to 29 October 2011

This exhibition celebrates more than twenty of Qatar’s most influential artists and four decades of art production with a new selection from the collection of Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art.

The Arabic word “swalif” suggests friendly, informal conversations and stories. Swalifinvites visitors to explore their own responses to Qatar’s art story and the relationships between modernity, memory and art.

Artworks are presented in roughly chronological order from the 1960s to the early 2000s, with some thematic groupings to illustrate particular moments in Qatar’s art history.

Swalif also celebrates the process of representing and collaborating with the artists whose work is on display. The generous engagement of many of these artists with Mathaf in advance of the exhibition has helpedus to historicize the roots and development of the Qatari art scene.

We hope Swalif will help to inspire further conversations and links between Mathaf and the local art community.

Senior Curatorial Advisor
Yousef Ahmad

Assistant Curators
Mariam Helmy and Fatima Mostafawi

Exhibition Designer
Reem Al Thani

(info kindly provided by the Mathaf)

For more information on Mathaf click here

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