The Daily Star: Human Nature and the Art Market

A great article in the Daily Star discussing both the growth of Middle Eastern art and Lebanon’s art scene.

“A clear sign that things have changed, and changed dramatically, was the sale of Ayman Baalbaki’s “Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom,” for a whopping $206,500 this April. An oil painting on floral upholstery fabric, adorned with glass, copper sheeting and a light box, the work was completed just months before it appeared on the auction block at Christie’s in Dubai. Baalbaki, moreover, at 36 years old, straddles the line between conceptual and commercial, and staged his first solo major exhibition, at the Agial Art Gallery, in 2006. What happened?

Five years ago, when the international auction house Christie’s made the audacious and bewildering decision to set up an office, establish a sales room and hold regular auctions in Dubai, its initial offerings of Arab art were padded by Indian and Iranian works that often out-performed their west Asian counterparts.” (from the article cited below)

Check out the full article here:

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