The National: Art museum to open in Dubai to counter dearth of cultural knowledge

An article by ‘The National’ highlighting the opening of the new Salsali Private Museum opening in Dubai’s Al Qouz district this September. It is being opened by Iranian art collector Ramin Salsali, and will showcase parts of his collection, as well as other works. 

“Yet it was the lack of knowledge about the Middle Eastern art world among visitors that was one of the factors that made Salsali decide the UAE needed a museum.

“Dubai became my second home and I developed patriotic feelings for it,” he says. “So I suffered very much when I heard comments from my European friends who came here for a holiday. All of them complained about one issue – they said, ‘What can you do in Dubai except go to the beach or shopping, where is the culture here?’ “” (taken from the article cited below)

Check out the article here

Great job Mr. Salsali!



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