The Daily Star: What you see isn’t always what you get

A Daily Star article discussing Lebanese artist Jean Marc Nahas’ latest exhibition at Gemmayzeh’s Ginette Concept Store. 

“Nahas is a dynamic, constantly thinking Lebanese man who, like many of us, is haunted by traumatizing memories – whether related to the Civil War or not. He explained how he always takes peoples’ comments (whether on his work or not, complimentary or otherwise) into consideration.

Though inspired from the revolutionary events in Cairo and the wider Middle East since the start of this year Nahas’ “Tahrir” (190×100 cm) also reflects his personal perception of what is happening in the region and, more particularly, among Middle Eastern women. In this drawing, mixed with blotches of red, blue and yellow paint, the spectator faces a confusing, lunatic representation of the female figure.” (from article below)

Check out the full article here:

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