Art this summer in the Middle East

Dear readers,

I hope you are all enjoying your summer. Even though the region is witnessing immense change, the region’s art community is still pushing forward and is offering many great exhibitions and events this summer.

I will be traveling to several cities in the region this July in order to stake out the local art scenes, and interview and write about these cities’ art collectors, artists, galleries, and museums.

I will start by heading to Beirut, where I plan on interviewing many Lebanese artists. Most of these will be video interviews, and will be followed by lengthy articles on each of the artists. I will also be speaking to collectors and gallery owners in Beirut.

My next destination will be Dubai, where I plan on visiting the many galleries the city has to offer. I will speak to the gallery owners, managers, and artists, and get their take on the city’s art scene, and how they are coping with the changes engulfing the region.

After Dubai, I will be heading to Doha, where I plan on visiting and writing a lengthy feature on the Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art. I will be interviewing several people from the Mathaf, as well as providing the readers with pictures and videos of the museum’s vast collection.

I will conclude my Middle East tour with a visit to Istanbul, a city with a flourishing art scene. I will be featuring a piece on the city’s art community, and plan on visiting the many galleries located within this beautiful city.

I plan on bringing you some great features this summer. At a time when there is so much uncertainty in the region, it is important to remember that regardless of what the region goes through, there will always be creativity.

All the best,

Taymour Grahne

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2 Responses to Art this summer in the Middle East

  1. Dana says:

    Can’t wait for your posts to come T!

  2. Your detailed informative news about your planned visit to some countries of the Middle Eastern art galleries and museums is interesting.I hope it will be fruitful,in uplefting the spirits of visual artists in this area,specially in seiged Gaza Strip and Palestinian Territories.

    Good luck .

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