CNN: A Picasso comes to the Palestinians

A CNN article discussing the arrival of a Picasso painting to a showroom in the West Bank. 

“The “Buste De Femme,” painted by Pablo Picasso in 1943, is estimated to be worth $7 million. It was borrowed from the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, by the International Academy of Art Palestine for a monthlong display in the West Bank.

Destination Palestine, by itself, is of great significance to us,” Fayyad said. “It is really moving to see this great work of Picasso is here and this portrait goes back to Eindhoven and part of Palestine will be with it,” Fayyad told CNN after touring the exhibition.”

Check out the article here:

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1 Response to CNN: A Picasso comes to the Palestinians

  1. Your press report”A Picasso Comes To Palestinians” , evoked memories ,of my life in
    Lybia,where I was a teacher of drawing and painting at school in Tobruk.
    At that time I started to acquaint myself with European painters,through art books
    and pamplets,published in London & Paris.
    In my view the artwork of Picasso in his Pink & Blue periods was excellent!
    I believe that the second world war had disrupted social life,that made Picasso
    and the others to take refuge to surrealism,cubism.fauvism,etc.
    “Gurenica” painting opened the door,with help of an American woman to Picasso ‘
    fame!He was a lucky man.When I used to ask person(who bubbles aboutPicasso)
    about his view about a Picasso painting ,his answer : is that Picasso’s painting ?
    What doesit mean ?
    Now my question to those in Ramallah and to Mr Fayyad : was it worthwhile to
    spend money and time for showing such a painting ?
    Instead they have to look for and locate Palestinian art and artist for sponsorship
    and support,if that want to promote international art awareness.

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