The National: The Middle East makes a showing at the Venice Biennale

The National article discussing Middle Eastern representation at the Venice Biennale:

“The UAE’s appearance at the last Biennale signified that the Emirates was ready to be taken seriously as a fixture on the international art scene. The UAE made a double debut in 2009, with both a national pavilion and a platform curated by the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage, used partly to showcase the cultural projects being developed across the country. Under the direction of Tirdad Zolghadr, the 2009 national pavilion functioned partly as a exploration of national identity. Second Time Around, as the UAE’s 2011 participation has been dubbed, will be no less exciting.”

“The designer and artist Reem al Ghaith initially looks to be treading on familiar ground: breezeblocks discarded in a tangle of electrical wires, sand tossed about and ripped up, and “Do Not Cross” signs in Arabic form an industrial installation that seems to bubble up from its sedate white container. But rather than a straightforward bemoaning of how much concrete has gone up in the Emirates, Dubai: What’s Left of Her Land presents the viewer with a spectrum of impressions – silhouettes of construction workers, distortions of scale and several carefully suspended tools through which the artist attempts to freeze a moment in the UAE’s current history.” (from article below)

 Check out the article here:



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