Artane presents

18 Mar – 30 Jun 2011

Artane welcomes an Argentinian artist whose works have been included to major museums and private collections with a series of works based on the ideas of “reutilization & recycling”; common themes that are seen at the gallery’s exhibitions in the past 2 years.

Máximo González makes us think about the use for which things have been created by the human being, and how these things can be discarded when they are useless for that purpose.  Through different installations and objects, he forces this reflection exercise by confronting materials which have been discarded or drained from their symbols and history, he unites them to construct something new, thoroughly rescues their lost value, and puts them back in motion.

We can see big pieces of fabric that have been made with the border of the bills that were cut out during the process of money fabrication.  These borders, that one expects to be thrown away, incinerated, or recycled by some industrial process, they won’t be: they will simply merge and become a weave.

Other banknotes, that the government sent out of circulation, have been cut in pieces, de-constructed in their elements (ornament, number, guillote, color) in order to make a collage where a tree can be seen; destined to grow although it seems dead; its branches naked by Winter, will blossom in Spring.

Political propaganda from the past, works as a greenhouse for a process done by Nature and the passing of time.

The drawings that once upon a time were used for teaching Latin American children during dictatorial times, nowadays pedagogically discarded, have come to life on the wall, gigantic, and thanks to the process of animation they become a squadron of rats, ready to go to war.

From a First World War bugle and a box of oils that the artist used to paint his first landscapes, a little branch grows, filled with round multi-color fruits, which are zeroes indeed.

Inside the automobiles which in a near future will become useless due to exhaustation of petrol, fruit and vegetable trees have been planted in order to feed mankind.

Everything that looks out of circulation, stopped, has been put back in motion, by ways either unexpected or inherent to each course of Nature, responding to the basic principle of existence: survival.

Iván Buenader, February 2011

(info and pictures kindly provided by Artane)

For more information on Artane click here:

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