Pierre Koukjian

Pierre Koukjian is a Lebanese artist who has been inspired by his travels between the Far East and the west. 


Born in Beirut in 1962, Pierre Koukjian is an award winning designer and painter. Having fled Lebanon with the outbreak of civil war in the mid 1970s, he spent many years living as a nomad of sorts in Germany, France and later the Far East. With little opportunity to finish a formal education, Koukjian jumped into the field of jewelry making as a young man. As an apprentice in workshops throughout Europe, he perfected the art of jewelry making and used painting in the planning stages of his designs. He worked vigorously in the medium, while also turning to sculpture as a form of creative expression. Often impressed by the aptitude of his canvases, clients would ask to keep these visual works, framing them and placing them in their homes. His early paintings are thus owned by numerous international celebrities. After long runs as a designer for some of the world’s most recognized brands, the artist launched his deLaCour atelier in 2002, gaining an immense amount of artistic freedom. Although the decorative, fine and applied arts are often seen as separate entities, for Koukjian they are all interconnected, as he paints his designs and designs his paintings. This gives his work an invigorated feel with limitless creative bounds. His latest series, “Impressive People,” is a campy Pop-inspired collection of oil paintings that iconifies artists, politicians and public figures into bold oil on canvas works. With a slight nod to Andy Warhol, Koukjian has sought to immortalize not only the personas of his subjects but the saturation of their images in the regional and international media. While many of the paintings make reference to Lebanese politics and music, others capture those who have made international headlines such as the Dalai Lama and Indira Ghandi. A minimalist portrait of Egyptian songstress Om Kalthoum speaks of the certain cool that once dominated Arab stardom, while a striking painting of Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah extracts the physicality of what makes certain individuals have such an overwhelming presence, tapping into the makeup of celebrity status and blurring the lines between popular culture and politics.

“Art historian”
New York
Maymanah Farhat

 Pierre Koukjian Information:

Website: http://pierrekoukjian.com/

Email: info@pierrekoukjian.com

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