NYT: East in the Eye of This Beholder

A New York Times article discussing the work of Persian artist Kamrooz Aram

“Mr. Aram did not discover Said’s book until college, but it has been pivotal for his art. (So has the Iranian revolution, although he has lived in the United States since he was 8 and prefers not to discuss his background.) The imagery in his paintings shifts between Giotto angels and Shia imams, the flying carpets in video games and the magical space of Persian miniatures.

In Mr. Aram’s most recent work the floral and geometric motifs of his earlier paintings have given way to charged, sometimes divisive symbols: hawks, angels and mosque architecture. Often these forms have multiple meanings. Birds, for instance, might refer to American nationalism or to the tradition of falconry, as depicted in Islamic art.” (From the article cited below)


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