The Middle East is full of creativity and this blog is dedicated to promoting the creativity of Middle Eastern art. As an artist it is very important to create unique pieces of art, and not copy anyone else’s style. One reason Middle Eastern art has flourished in recent years is because it has kept its uniqueness and creativity. However with increased interest in Middle Eastern art from around the world artists in the region have to be careful to stick to their individuality and to not conform to anyone else’s work. So far, Middle Eastern artists have met this challenge and continue to produce their own style of work. Kudos to them!

In life, creativity is key, it is what makes the world continually progress and advance. It is vital in everything one does, be it starting a blog, opening a restaurant, or painting.


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1 Response to Creativity

  1. nadir says:

    Many many thanks to you for revealing us so many brilliant art from the Middle-East and to have put a link to the web sites of these artists.
    I see that you haven’t posted any article since long time. Please don’t stop, keep on talking about art,

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