Canvas Magazine

I have been an avid reader of Canvas magazine ever since its first issue was published in 2005. Canvas is an insightful magazine dedicated to the arts in the Middle East. I deeply admire what Canvas has done for art in the Middle East. It has projected the region’s art onto the global art scene. It was one of the first establishments to showcase Middle Eastern art to the world. The magazine beams Middle Eastern art into living rooms all over the world.

The layout of the magazine usually includes a list of upcoming exhibitions, auctions, and books dealing with Middle Eastern art. The Canvas team writes great articles on the state of the Middle Eastern art market, and always conduct insightful interviews. They profile everyone from the Middle Eastern masters to the up and coming artists.

Canvas has helped put the spotlight on emerging regional artists. Canvas indulges their readers with insightful articles on many of the region’s collectors and art institutions. The great articles, features, and profiles are always accompanied by high-resolution photographs.

Kudos to Canvas Magazine for helping promote Middle Eastern art. It is a great magazine for anyone interested in the Middle Eastern art scene!

Description provided by Canvas Magazine:

“Canvas is the premier magazine for art and culture from the Middle East and Arab world. Headquartered in Dubai, it has been operational for seven years now and produced at a bimonthly rate in English. Canvas employs a string of prominent contributors and correspondents around the world who cover artist profiles, art patrons and their collections, previews and reviews on fairs and exhibitions and a host of other topics pertaining to art and culture from the Middle East and Arab world happening around the world. A leading publication in its field, Canvas has extended its mission to include, among others, Canvas Education (short term art seminars), Canvas Destinations (tailor-made collector tours to select cities), Canvas Folios (monographs on artists), Canvas Systems (archiving and documentation of collections). Since July 2010, Canvas Guide, the supplement listing all events and activities related to Middle Eastern art around the world was transformed into an online publication.”

Canvas Magazine’s Website:

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