Gallery x-ist is an ‘art gallery project’ realised by collector Daryo Beskinazi and art director Kerimcan Güleryüz on the basis of their experience in the art world, the result of many years of activity.

x-ist, provides an alternative to the current concept of the art gallery and aims to exhibit the work of young talents who do not as yet have a large audience, but who are making their mark on the future.

x-ist, thanks to its risk-taking, young and innovative approach, aims to become a reference point for the future of contemporary Turkish art and is in favour of the approachability of art.

x-ist is not content with establishing a relationship with art lovers and collectors that is based solely on ‘buying paintings’, but seeks to guide and inform through the creation of works of art.

x-ist is a meeting ‘space’ for artists who challenge institutions opposed not just to them, but to all innovation. By means of its opposition to flatness and monotony and its choice of art work it aims to create a fresh and innovative ‘space’ and thus to become Turkey’s pioneering art gallery in the area of contemporary art.

(Info and Pictures kindly provided by X-ist)

X-ist Information:


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