Sultan Gallery presents ‘The Children of Gaza’ from Mar. 8- Mar. 17

Sultan Gallery presents The Children of Gaza from Mar. 8- Mar. 17

Earlier this year three international photographers, Giuseppe Aquili, Jim McFarlane and Anthony Dawton, with the support of Al Madad Foundation and Save the Children entered Gaza. For nearly two weeks the award winning photographers photographed children and their families victims of the Israeli incursion on December 27th 2008. The images are extraordinary, they tell of what happened and the damage done, physically and psychologically but they also tell of a people particularly the children, bright intelligent and full of hope.

The exhibition will be as dramatic in its presentation as the images themselves comprising of black and white photographic art works. Included in the exhibition will be original pieces, inspired by the photographic images, from the renowned artist Dia Azzawi. His images will provide a vivid and colorful contrast to the imposing mono chrome images of Aquili, Dawton and McFarlane.

The exhibition hopes to define the process in which art can bring understanding to seemingly intractable political conflict as well as to highlight the terrible consequences long and short term of such conflicts. Proceeds from the exhibition will go to Save the Children projects in Gaza particularly its outstanding work with conflict traumatised children. Both Al Madad Foundation and Save the Children will be on hand at exhibitions to answer questions both about the works of art and Save the Children’s projects in Gaza. Hi res images of all the photographs in the exhibition are available for members of the press.

Contact: Farida Sultan – & 60970001

Anthony Dawton & +44 20 7370 1966 +44 7715 047 381 mobile

Faiza Alireza +44 7711 635 332

Hakima Joannides +44 20 7499 6171

Gallery Information:


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