Art Sawa presents Prismatic City by Karine Roche from Mar. 12 – Apr. 13

Art Sawa presents Prismatic City by Karine Roche from Mar. 12 – Apr. 13

Under the Patronage of His Excellency  Mr. Alain Azouaou, Ambassador of France to the UAE.
Roche ’s works are sensitive surface, a mix of classicism and modernity, precision and spontaneity, excitement and stillness.
She loves nature and loves city, vegetation and architecture, urban flora and fauna. She uses the subject as vocabulary- a pretext to carry out her work, the real subject is painting. The city, its pollution and overcrowding, the need of still more, still the largest, bulimia of frivolity disperse the earth and sky…in the activity, travels, noises.
We often forget that it  is also a part of the environment and nature in which men evolve. The city in this case Dubai , fascinates for its ability to absorb and transform nature and men. First there are the travels and observation, then the witnesses photos of places, from which will be organized each painting. Several photos are the backbone of the canvas and keep the traces of the old reality.

The networks of cities and plant networks, perspective, space, foregrounds and backgrounds, depth, lines, colors, materials, all organic and architectural forms clump together, overlap and become a poetic whole.

She sets new rules for growth and expansion of roots, branches, flowers, buildings and districts. She gives rise to an aesthetic struggle where each elements of the painting retains or occupies space, territory, and goes from nonexistent to extremely dense. Layer upon layer, Karine Roche brakes images until explosion, splits them, stretches them, multiplies them to create exuberant fractal urban jungles.

The materials are part of the work. Her paintings are made of blends of fabrics and canvas mounted on wood frames more or less square.

“I do not wish to give any answer on the end of an era, neither on a rebellion of nature or a urban ecology.
All I want is to introduce a formal and informal questioning on the chromatic and graphic dynamic.” Karine

Karine has exhibited already many times in Europe and received many prizes and awards.

(Pictures and info kindly provided by Art Sawa)

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