Huguette Caland

Huguette Caland is one of the most famous Lebanese artists of all time. Although she currently resides in California, Lebanon is often reflected in her work. Huguette’s work is characterized by its colorful detail. Ms. Caland has lead a very interesting life, which is documented in this LA Times article:


Born in Beirut, Lebanon, 1931, Huguette Caland is the only daughter of the first president of the Republic of Lebanon. Huguette began painting at the age of 16 under the private tutelage of Fernando Manetti, an Italian artist resided in Lebanon. She studied art at the American University of Beirut from 1964 to 1968 and moved to Paris, France 1970. She has also lived and worked in New York for two years ,1981-1982. After her return to Paris, she began working with Rumanian sculptor George Apostu on a series of stone, wood and terra cotta sculptures. She is currently living and working in Venice, California.

Samples of Huguette Caland’s work:

Check out Huguette Caland’s website:


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