Amir H. Fallah

Amir H Fallah is an American-based Iranian artist whose name is well known in the global art community. He plays with dimensions to create great 3D effects in many of his works.

Biography :

Amir H. Fallah’s signature aesthetic and creative intuition manifests itself in a broad cross-section of projects. He is the publisher of Beautiful/Decay, an internationally distributed contemporary arts magazine. In less than ten years, Fallah has transformed Beautiful/Decay into a first-exposure sourcebook that reveals innovative talents from the creative world. Fallah employs a unique blend of distinctive covers, attention to detail and design, and provocative content. 

Fallah’s insider’s perspective into trends from the creative community comes directly from his experience within the art world as a practicing artist. Fallah has exhibited his work on both a national and international level, including gallery, museum and biennial exhibitions. His understanding comes from invaluable working knowledge of the field. His own works range from painting, drawing and sculpture, evoking a similarly fresh, brightly colored aesthetic that addresses a nexus of idiosyncratic topics. 

Fallah has also leveraged this direct connection with the art world and his recognizable aesthetic to launch Something In The Universe, a creative think tank/design agency that opens the doors to Fallah’s network of creatives, strategists and consultants. Something In The Universe provides media, marketing and content development that both focuses on the client’s needs and provides a custom vision in line with Fallah’s highly successful vision.

 His innovative approach as an artist, publisher and creative director is internationally recognized and his CV includes illustration for numerous publications, event orchestration, revitalization of brand identities, and speaking on panels at colleges and universities.

 Amir received his B.F.A. from The Maryland Institute College of Art and his M.F.A from UCLA in 2005. Exhibits include shows at Cherry And Martin, 31 Grand, Overtones, The Third Line, Weatherspoon Art Museum, The Sharjah Biennial, Nathan Larramendy Gallery, Mary Goldman Gallery, Rhys gallery, and at LA Louver Gallery. 

He has given talks at a range of respected institutions, including Columbia College, USC, UCLA, Cleveland Institute of Art, California State University Northridge and Maryland Institute College of Art. He has also participated in a number of creative panels and conferences, including “UNBOUND: How L.A.’s Art Magazines are Changing the Face of Popular Culture” and the Congreso Creactivo design conference in Mexico.
Amirs work is represented by Western Project in Los Angeles, Baer Ridgway Exhibitions in San Francisco, and The Third Line in Dubai.

Some of Amir H. Fallah’s work:


Tangled Hands:

Stripped Pot in a Cave:

Mystic Shrine:

Mom Your’e Number1:

Mammoth Spiral:

Lonely at the Top:

In the Shadow of Perfection:

Infinite Circles Around the Sun:

Explosion Purple:

Crystal Mountain:

Checkered Pot:

Caught in the Act:

Check out Amir H Fallah’s Website:

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