Rima Amyuni

I first came across Rima Amyuni’s work at the Agial Gallery in Beirut. I was attracted to her use of very vibrant and bright colors. The colors Ms. Amyuni uses in her work are some of the most appealing I have seen. She skillfully manages to use colors that perfectly compliment each other. Another great characteristic of Ms. Amyuni’s paintings is that they are always very positive and full of life. Her work also has great energy that creates a flowing effect.


Born in 1954, Rima Amyuni earned her French Baccalaureate in Beirut and her diploma in Visual Arts in 1978 at Byam Show School of Arts in London. She then pursued her education at the British Council in the U.K. and at Columbia University in N.Y.C. She returned to Lebanon where she taught at the Lebanese Academy of Arts (ALBA) and two secondary schools: Louise Wegman and Jesus and Mary.

She exhibited in various group exhibitions and one woman shows in Beirut, Kuwait, London and New York. In 1995 the Sursock Museum in Beirut awarded her the first prize in painting during the XVIIIth “Salon d’Automne”.

After 10 years of living overseas in London and N.Y.C., Rima Amyuni came back home and lived in the suburbs of the city in a beautiful area called “Yarzé”; a hill with villas and gardens overlooking Beirut and the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by a pine tree forest. “Yarzé gave me, said Rima, a lot of food for thought and feelings, and gave birth to numerous paintings and drawings”. The Mediterranean light inspires her colors which are vivid, strong and often violent. Her public calls her “Fauve”

Rima Amyuni’s subject matters are varied, powerful and intense since she came back home. Despite the ongoing wars, she never stopped creating new and original works. Her return to Lebanon was indeed an important move forward for the artist. She never regretted this step, a major decision for the present and the future.

Some of Rima Amyuni’s Work:

Self Portrait 2. 2008, 92x68cm:

Saifi Village #2. 2004:

Saifi Village #1. 2004, 90x110cm:

Paysage en Monochrome. 2010, 80x110cm:

Lys et Roses. 2010, 117x100cm:

Les Trois Pins #1. 2010, 150x150cm:

Les Cyclamens. 2008, 59×70.5cm:

La Clôture. 2010, 100x140cm:

L’Aurore. 2010, 81x100cm:

Hommage à Thierry Philippe. 1997, 150x160cm:

Diana et ma Mona.2010, 150x196cm:

Cityscape #1. 2010, 120x150cm:

(Pictures and biography kindly provided by Rima Amyuni)

Rima Amyuni Information:

Email: rimaamyuni@hotmail.com
Website: www.rimaamyuni.carbonmade.com


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