Edgard Mazigi

I first came across Edgard Mazigi’s work at his home. Within his apartment he has a large workspace, where he creates his great works. His paintings are always full of vibrant colors. There is always a central figure within his paintings that manages to discreetly blend in to its surroundings.


Born in Beirut in 1955, Edgard Mazigi holds a diploma in textile engineering from ESITL Lyon (1978) and a certificate with an excellence in painting award from the New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting & Sculpture, USA (1998). In 1999 he moves back permanently to Lebanon  where he paints full time. He has taken part in several solo shows  in Beirut, and group shows abroad (USA, Ireland, Dubai, Qatar). He has been selected for the Salon d’Automne at the Sursock Museum in Beirut every year since 2003. In 2009 he teaches drawing at the Lebanese American University (L.A.U.), and in 2010 he starts teaching drawing at the U.P.T. (Université pour tous), at Saint Joseph’s University, Beirut.

Some of Edgard Mazigi’s work:

When a Dog meets a Goat:


The Story Teller:

St. Raphael:

Secret Encounters:

Painting the Sky:

Painting the Landscape:


Les Deux-Cabines:






Le Diamand Noir:

Hide and Seek:


The Fortune Teller:

Beit Mery I:

Essays on Edgard Mazigi’s work:

(info and pictures kindly provided by Edgard Mazigi)

Edgard Mazigi Information:


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