NYT: Face of War Pervades New Beirut Art Center

An article discussing the significance of the Beirut Art Center and its exhibition on the Lebanese Civil War.

“Along the Beirut River just outside of the city center is an industrial neighborhood of small warehouses and factories, car dealerships and crumbling, squat buildings that bear the scars of bullets from Lebanon’s wars. It is a place, in other words, that would be the perfect home for the art galleries of Chelsea or the meatpacking district — and, indeed, where a cultural space that would be the envy of New York has come to life.” (from article below)

Check out the article below:


It is great that Beirut now has a space like the Beirut Art Center. It is the first of its kind in Beirut, and its significance on the Lebanese art scene can not go unnoticed. Great job to all those that took part in the planning, setting up, and funding of this art center.

What do you think: should Lebanese art centers and galleries have exhibitions on past wars or is it best not to make art out of war?

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1 Response to NYT: Face of War Pervades New Beirut Art Center

  1. The article failed to mention that the exhibition titled “1975-1990: Painting in Times of War” was curated by Saleh Barakat.
    A catalog was published for the occasion. A more detailed book around the same topic of artistic production during the Lebanese Civil War by Saleh Barakat and Gregory Buchakjian will follow in 2012.

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